Will Green Credentials Impact Property Values – Let’s Go Dutch

By Morag Beers

Going Dutch does not always have particularly positive connotations; but Going Dutch in green investments is a whole other matter. The Dutch do it well, and the results are increasingly being recognised as beneficial.

dutch cycle

How do the Dutch know how to do this? I learned a joke about developers when I arrived in Holland: ‘

What is the first thing a developer does? He makes the land’. Ha ha.

The Dutch grow up to the national tune, Living with Water, not taking it for granted that our land is permanent and knowing that we are together collectively responsible for its stability. There is also the inbuilt advantage of being brought up on bicycles: as soon as you are old enough to sit up straight at a few months old, you can expect to be riding along on a seat out front on your parent’s bike. Being a very small baby projected into town traffic makes you brave in life. It is hardly surprising that these people grow up to be creative engineers and responsible investors, intuitively understanding environmental protection and not being easily fazed by life. Some of the most innovative, sustainable and thought-provoking investments and construction projects stem from Dutch activities which have served Dutch investment returns well. It is no accident that GRESB, the leading sustainability performance measurement, has its roots in Holland working with that other seat of innovation, California.

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The Evolution of the Modern Office

Evolution of the modern office

How has the modern day office evolved since the 1950’s?

Looking at the evolution of the modern office from cubicles with typewriters and filo faxes through the age of electronics coming in, the integration of the sexes in the workplace and then today a more flexible approach, hot-desking and virtual offices.

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UK Government – planning for the future

Written By Danass Maddison

Proposals intended to streamline and modernise the planning process

Current system

Currently, the government uses the system based on the Town and Country Planning Act 1947. The act calls for local authorities to prepare local plans setting out proposals for the use and development of land within their area, showing an ability to meet the housing demand.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update to our clients 20 March 2020

Cambridge Finance are committed to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our delegates and trainers whilst we ensure the continuous delivery of the high quality and engaging real estate training.

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