Welcome to The Cambridge Finance® Mastermind Club!

The Cambridge Finance® Mastermind Club is an online community designed by real estate experts for real estate professionals! 

Mastering real estate financial modelling is complex and requires regular practice. This is why we have designed a programme to allow you to participate and practice real life case studies with your peers. In each session you will practice case studies, revise our formulas and ask questions.

Each session is 60-minutes and led by one of our expert financial modellers. 

Do not miss this unique opportunity to keep up to date with your training and make new industry contacts.

Meet Up Dates: Approx. Twice per month.

Location: Online

Who can attend?

Anyone can sign up for the Mastermind Club, however, delegates who have attended a Cambridge Finance financial modelling course are entitled to attend the live sessions. 

Cambridge Finance, financial modelling delegates: For 60 days following the completion of their course, they also have free access to view past mastermind recordings, spreadsheets and resources shared in the sessions. They are invited to sign up for the free trial followed by subscribing at £100 per annum to retain the benefits. If they only wish to have access to the live sessions, they can cancel their subscription at any time.

Non-delegates: Sign up below, cost to non delegates is £499 per annum

To become a Cambridge Finance course member, sign up to any of our courses here.