About Us

We are a team of passionate professionals dedicated to providing high-quality services/products to our clients. With years of experience and expertise in our field.

Making a professional education choice for you or your team is a major decision, whether you’re looking to improve the skill set of your team, help your graduates with their professional examinations or looking to refresh your knowledge or learn something new yourself.

Cambridge Finance are a leading provider of premium real estate finance training and real estate financial modelling consulting. We offer the options to fit a top-quality real estate finance education into your team’s and your life. We deliver our public courses in London and in-house courses throughout the UK and abroad.

Our training programmes encompass all real estate areas: office, retail, hotels, warehouse/logistics, student housing, residential, healthcare, mixed-use, shopping centres; listed and non-listed funds; development and income-producing assets.

Our courses and bespoke financial models are also jurisdiction specific and we take care to consider the level of experience and geographic focus of each end user when delivering our courses and building bespoke real estate financial models.

We draw on a huge network of expert trainers, academics and practitioners: those among the most knowledgeable and renowned specialists in their respective fields. We create training programmes and real estate financial models that reflect our ethos of excellence.

Our goal is to improve the financial literacy within the real estate industry through innovative teaching and practical case studies.