Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion

As a sector the Real Estate industry is still lacking when it comes to it’s workforce, diversity equity and inclusion is a real issue that Cambridge Finance are proud to be tackling.

Diversity and Inclusion are key to effective talent acquisition, management and retention. In a 2020 survey it was found that women represented 40% of the workforce at entry level roles, but this decreased massively for senior levels. Showing there is still a long way to go in terms of a lack of leadership positions for women.

In 2012 our CEO, Maria Wiedner, addressed this issue and formed Real Estate Women, a network of professionals coming together from across the industry to give visibility to women.

As an industry that contributes more than £94 billion annually to the UK economy it’s important that it truly reflects the population, and a lack of employees from a lower socio-economic background is being faced.

In 2021 we set up a scholarship fund. This meant that people from minority and less privileged backgrounds could access training, which is hugely beneficial as it means that they can further their careers, and their own professional development.

There are still gaps that are needed to address with Diversity & Inclusion, through our financial modelling training courses we have spoken to delegates about this, and we are working hard to speak to companies to understand the underlying reasons behind it.