Understanding Climate Risk in Real Estate with Lorna Walker, Laura Craft and Stephanie Gnissios

Climate risk is having a greater impact on the real estate sector overall. Disasters due to climate change are on a rise, and the risks facing the real estate industry (whether companies are aware or not) are imminent. But with regulatory drivers demanding more transparency surrounding climate risk disclosure and investors incorporating climate risk into their processes, there can be a lot of uncertainty and urgency surrounding the topic.

This past January, our very own Maria Wiedner hosted an online webinar with Lorna Walker and Laura Craft of Heitman and Stephanie Gnissios of CRS to tackle the topic of climate risk in the real estate industry, opening the panel for questions towards the second half of the event.

 The event has touched on the following points among others:

–   The impact of climate change in real estate

–   Incorporating climate risk into due diligence and decision-making processes

–   Difference between insurance modelling and climate risk modelling

–   Achieving net zero carbon operations

There were 200 disasters in 1980 and 700 in 2016. The science is clear on this…everything is getting worse, everywhere in the world, much faster than we thought. We’re not in a great place for this, so we have to take action quickly.” – Lorna Walker, CEO of Heitman

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