A Year in Review: Reflections On Big Achievements Of 2023

In this end-of-year review, we’d like to share the milestones reached in 2023, as well as Cambridge Finance’s exciting goals for 2024. Read on to learn about our successes and challenges, as well as the developments of the year, including our new website, partnerships, country markets, and services.

Cambridge Finance is thrilled to review this year’s milestones and plans for the upcoming year as 2023 comes to an end. 

It’s been a busy year for the Cambridge Finance team. We expanded our service offer and geographical cover. We also entered into new partnerships with organisations such as CREFC Europe, ACR Partners, KNOMA, and the University of Warwick. We also relaunched the Cambridge Finance website.

Also, the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method has gained traction and acceptance in the realm of real estate valuations. We are proud of our CEO, Maria Wiedner, whose contributions have been recognised in the industry.

Cambridge Finance’s comprehensive range of courses showcases our commitment to delivering top-tier training. We shine a light on these and our bespoke services through our campaigns.

We are thankful for the milestones reached in 2023 and can’t wait to achieve more success in 2024. Join us as we look back on the last amazing year and look forward to one filled with growth, connectivity, teamwork, and success. 

Growth Focus: Bespoke Financial Model-Building Services

financial modelling services


In 2023, we significantly expanded our provision of bespoke financial modelilng training and consultancy. Companies can gain a competitive edge by receiving training and advice tailored specifically to the company’s and employees’ requirements. These are offered in addition to Cambridge Finance’s courses, which are delivered in person in London and online around the world. Our courses and bespoke offering at the intersection of finance and real estate are critical in increasing knowledge in a property market characterised by a new higher interest rate environment, inflation, climate risk, new regulatory frameworks, and job instability in this and other sectors. 

Our New Website Went Live In The Summer Of 2023!

Our online presence has expanded and improved since the launch of a completely new website this past summer. This platform not only demonstrates our dedication to remaining at the forefront of technical advancement, but also provides an opportunity for our users to interact, discover, and establish a connection with us in an updated online environment. The launch was more than just a simple digital makeover of Cambridge Finance; it also represents our commitment to improving the user experience, offering insightful information, and adopting the latest developments in web design and functionality.

Developed A Software Tool

We developed an exciting software tool that ensured the following aspects:

  • Website Transformation
  • Course Booking Improvements
  • Improved User Experience

Insights On The Challenges Faced By The UK

In the past few years, the UK has been facing economic and job challenges that have affected most households. These include:

  • Unstable Real Estate Market

Both UK commercial and residential real estate values have been impacted by higher interest rates. Fluctuations can occur, making it unpredictable to buy or sell property or secure financing in a situation where you might not know what can happen next.

  • Consolidating Markets

Consolidation within different industries led to mergers between companies aiming to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. This continuous change has affected employees and impacted real estate markets, especially as requirements for offices, shops, logistics, and hospitality change. 

  • The Changing Nature of the Jobs Market

Companies facing considerable changes are impacting the jobs market negatively, leading to greater job insecurity. Generally, all of these factors influence the economic and employment situation in the UK, which are unpredictable and can be challenging for every individual living there.

New Alliances: CREFC Europe, ULI Europe, KNOMA the University Of Warwick, and ACR Partners

The creation of exciting and strategic collaborations is one noteworthy accomplishment that highlights our dedication to growth and collaboration in all areas of the real estate industry. These alliances were formed with reputable organisations such as the Real Estate Society at the University of Warwick; KNOMA, which offers interest-free student loans, CREFC Europe, a respected commercial real estate trade group; ULI Europe, the European outpost of the US-based Urban Land Institute; and ACR Partners, a leading international mall adviser.

Building on Success: Positive Results From Collaborative Partnerships

Our partnership with the Real Estate Society at the University of Warwick has created opportunities for informative gatherings that bring together leaders in the field, members of the academic community, and industry professionals to promote deep conversations and knowledge sharing. One of the main pillars in our quest for holistic learning and enriching experiences has been the collaboration between academia and industry. 

And that’s not all; some of our important alliances include ACR Partners, which is one of the leading international mall advisors; CREFC Europe, which is a renown commercial real estate group; and Urban Land Institute (ULI) Europe. With CREFC Europe, we participate in discussions regarding the real estate market and business to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Furthermore, working with ULI is quite advantageous because it gives us a global view of growth and sustainability in the urban sector. In fact, it adds value to our curriculum by providing access to the latest ideas from all over the world. Our alliance with ACR partners gives us broader and deeper access to knowledge on retail trends, which assists us in transferring the knowledge to our students and providing them with accurate solutions for their future problems in the real estate market. 

In a similar vein, our collaboration with KNOMA is consistent with our dedication to social responsibility. By supporting interest-free student loans, we hope to positively influence aspirants' educational paths and demonstrate our commitment to promoting possibilities that are both accessible and egalitarian. Building relationships with CREFC, a prestigious trade organisation in the commercial real estate space, has allowed us to participate in a larger dialogue, keeping up with developments in the field and sharing our knowledge.

The DCF Methodology Has Gained Considerable Acceptance

discounted cashflow

The real estate sector's growing reliance on the discounted cash flow (DCF) method is evidence of a significant change in business practices. What was previously considered an optional, peripheral approach is now becoming a key method. Professionals and organisations in the real estate industry are realising how crucial the DCF methodology is when making real estate financial decisions.

With real estate transactions becoming more complex and accurate valuation becoming more important, knowing how to do discounted cash flow analysis is becoming increasingly important as a core competency. Increasingly, real estate professionals value a deep understanding of DCF, perceiving it as necessary for well-informed decision-making, strategic planning, and long-term growth to navigate the complexities of the field.



Maria Wiedner: Expert Contributor to the RICS DCF Global Practice Guidelines

maria wiedner

Notably, one of the most passionate and consistent supporters of this approach is Maria Wiedner, CEO and founder of Cambridge Finance. Her advocacy significantly boosts the method's credibility and efficacy, which results in wider acceptance and adoption of DCF in the real estate sector. Maria Wiedner's support for the approach attests to its dependability and applicability in real estate financial analysis and valuation procedures.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that on November 15th, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) released its first Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) global practice guidelines, which prominently highlight Maria Wiedner's contributions. Maria's data were used as a cornerstone for this document and she was a member of the Expert Working Group, helping to shape and direct the guidelines from the very beginning.

Maria Wiedner, Cambridge Finance CEO & Founder, and Her Valuable Contributions

Maria Wiedner is recognised as a pioneer in the field of the DCF valuation method due to her exceptional experience, dedication, and impact on industry standards. Her significant contributions to the RICS DCF guidelines demonstrate her dedication to promoting international best practices in real estate financial valuation as well as her in-depth knowledge of the nuances of the DCF method. While the valuation approach, method, and model remain the valuer’s decision, the RICS noted the increasing prominence of explicit DCF models which gave rise to the first-ever guidelines. This accomplishment honours not just Maria's skill but also her lasting influence in the real estate industry and serves as motivation for all those who appreciate accuracy, creativity, and leadership. As we commemorate this incredible achievement, we would like to offer our sincere congratulations to Maria Wiedner for her invaluable contribution to the development of financial methodology and the global standards established by organisations like RICS.

Secure Your Spot: Enrol Before Courses Sell Out!

In view of the recently sold-out courses, we recommend that you book your courses soon through our website. Alternatively, contact us to learn more about individual courses, as well as our bespoke training and consultancy. Click here to view our financial training courses and to find out more. 

Goals Of Our Training Courses

The primary goal of our training courses is to assist real estate and finance professionals in deepening their knowledge of analysing real estate as an asset class. The training breaks down the complexity and allows real estate and finance professionals to create their financial models from scratch and to maintain and use them to make investment, development, and valuation decisions.

We offer the following training courses:

Running Campaigns: Spotlight on Real Estate Courses

Also noteworthy are our campaigns to inform new clients about our services available online, in person, and in-house. In addition to reaching wider audiences, our masterclasses, conferences, webinars, and seminars are also invaluable opportunities to engage with our existing clients to review financial modelling concepts, as well as convene and educate on the broader topics impacting the real estate industry, from higher interest rates to the growing importance of ESG. The goal is to provide unique events, networking opportunities, and learning experiences that also display our expertise in the market.

International Growth

International growth

Cambridge Finance also expanded geographically. The company’s international growth has been exponential, increasing Cambridge Finance’s training and consultancy reach to 37 countries. One bespoke training project alone saw CEO Maria Wiedner provide online training to teams in the US, UK, Europe, and the Far East over several weeks. A recently penned agreement with Dubai-based mall specialist ACR Partners will build upon Cambridge Finance’s coverage of markets in the Middle East.

This growth serves as proof of our adeptness at efficiently navigating through different markets. Likewise, it highlights our commitment to upholding high standards, and originality and addressing the changing requirements of our clients in these significant regions.



Celebrating The Arrival Of Our Team Members' New Additions!

This year, we are also excited to share some fantastic news about our colleague, Head of Growth Anouk Khan, who welcomed baby Gabriel Khan Dux into the world. A precious new member of the Cambridge Finance Team, he was born in September and couldn't be more thrilled to join the company as Head of Cuteness.

Signing Off On 2023!

Cambridge Finance’s measures highlight our areas of expertise and offer a forum not only for acquiring knowledge but also for networking and exchanging ideas. Our success stories demonstrate the value of teamwork and we're excited to expand these alliances, organise even more memorable events, and advance the fields of real estate, finance, and education together with our clients and partners. Most of all, we look forward to building on the group's accomplishments in the new year.

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Posted on Dec 27, 2023 by Anouk Khan