Cambridge Finance CEO goes global.

Cambridge Finance CEO, Maria Wiedner, teaches on the Global Masters in Real Estate Develop program at the IE school of architecture and design, who offer innovative undergraduate and graduate education worldwide. Whilst still undertaking the main training role for Cambridge Finance, Maria’s interpersonal and training skills have been noticed and she is in great demand.

The MRED program ( ) is based in Madrid (with site visits to Germany, and Barcelona), this accredited degree program explores the increasing relationship between real estate and the making of a city.

The GMRED program, geared to the schedules of working professionals and who want to scale up their careers, will be mostly online with  brief periods in Madrid and another Mexico City.

These advanced degrees, imparted exclusively in English, are aimed at understanding the breadth and depth of the development process. With a foundation in economic, financial, strategic, and legal aspects of real estate development throughout the world, this comprehensive course goes beyond traditional subjects to have an integrated view against a backdrop of urbanism, sustainability, and changing technology.

The IE school of architecture and design offers several scholarships to attract capable women candidates to their Master of Real Estate Development  (MRED), a year-long, full-time master program and Global Master in Real Estate Development, a part time, mostly online program to start in April. 

  1. The Women’s Mentorship program combines a 25% scholarship towards tuition and contact with a specialized mentor to be available and provide guidance to the student through part of her program.  Applications close on February 1, 2021 for the Global MRED.
  1. The Women´s Scholarship is a partial scholarship granted to outstanding women who are studying in traditionally male sectors or are at a time in their careers, where they may need the extra support of a grant.  Awards are based on talent and need.
  1.  IE grants a very limited number High Potential Awards to the outstanding and talented candidates who show the most promise.  These are direct grants with no application process.

Try Cambridge Finances Real Estate Development & Financial Modelling course for a taste of Maria’s teaching on this subject.