Our models are like a software programme

Cambridge Finance are determined reduce this risk in the real estate industry and we will work with you to develop models which are transparent, robust and flexible. In fact, our models are so well developed that they resemble a full-blown software.

We are experts in real estate financial modelling and forecasting. We have helped our clients with investments, transactions, strategic planning and operational decisions. With our help, our clients become proficient in real estate financial modelling, without even realising it. Together we build efficient and robust models that support critical decision making and develop productive and efficient teams.

Combining our Analytics servce with our Training offering, we have provided standardised financial models and knowledge that added transparency, integrity and operational efficiency to our clients’ processes. The end result were improved analytical insights, robust business decisions and high morale.

Contact us so we can discuss how our best practice real estate financial modelling standards can lead you to your business goals and efficient real estate financial returns.


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