Solving Real Estate Investment Problems with Financial Models

What’s the most valuable asset you have? Most of us would say it’s the house. And to finance that house, you probably have to get a mortgage from the bank. For many of us, if we couldn’t get access to a mortgage, we couldn’t buy the house. 

Dr. Pereira went on to explain the individual example of financing a house using a mortgage shows how debt translates to the more professional level of the investment world—many projects that you see all around you only happen because of access to debt.

Dr. Ricardo Pereira has been a fund manager for more than 10 years and is a leading academic and practitioner in the property finance markets in the United Kingdom and worldwide. He is specialising in the development of innovative approaches to large scale property investment products and consultancy on emerging debt & derivatives markets.

In the video embedded below, understand the impact of debt in the investment world with Dr. Pereira as part of his introduction to the Real Estate Debt Structures, Risk & Financial Modelling course offered by Cambridge Finance.

…the purpose of this course is [to] understand the impact of debt in the investment you do. That is in reality everywhere. In real estate, that is king.

Dr. Pereira has touched on the following points in his video below:

  • Course objectives: commercial real estate, real estate debt structure modelling, investment and lending scenarios, loan types, repayment structures and financial covenants, understanding interest rate risk and more.
  • Capital structure, sources of debt and lending criteria
  • Senior debt repayment modelling
  • Sample of a financial model using spreadsheets (Excel)

YouTube video

Interested in building robust real estate debt models? Let us help you!

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Posted on Jun 7, 2023 by Anouk Khan