Why Cambridge Finance?

Because we are simply the best!

Our courses are designed for real estate finance professionals whose work involves building financial models from scratch and analysing real estate investments.

Why choose Cambridge Finance as your real estate financial modelling training provider?

  • Innovative Training Concepts

Simulation through case studies. By using real life examples, we are able to simulate your work environment and deliver unique knowledge which will prove invaluable in future modelling assignments.

  • Practical Approach

Our trainers were real estate practitioners and are highly qualified individuals. We understand the market, we have done transactions ourselves and know what is needed in real life to provide excellent analytical analysis and how to communicate it effectively.

  • Proven Pedagogy

Step-by-step guides on how to approach the challenges of modelling tenancy schedules and forecasting rental income, operating expenses, capital expenditure, development and debt finance.

  • Small Groups

We pride ourselves on giving each delegate the attention they deserve so they can take their real estate financial modelling skills to the next level.

Our training sessions will have no more than 6 participants, making our courses dynamic, intensive and relevant.

  • 2-Month Post-Course Support

We offer a two-month post course support so you can ask us questions related to the course material. We can also advise you on your own models through our Analytics Service.

  • Tailored Content for In-Company Courses

We can develop bespoke content for your real estate teams. Our renowned expertise in the property industry will be the basis to producing real estate financial modelling courses that will meet your teams’ training needs.

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