Travel and Accommodation


If you do have to travel and stay the night then there’s a great choice of venues to suit all pockets.

We generally recommend the following hotels across the country, depending upon your budget:

General hotel sites

  • – a huge selection of hotels and many with last minute cancellation and book without immediate payment
  • Popular Hotels – this site has a different approach by dividing the hotel market into different categories; Family, Business, Couples, Budget and Luxury
  • Airbnb – the site that has disrupted the hotel industry, you will mainly find shared accommodation in a household

City-specific Accommodation

Airport Information

All of our training centres are within an hour’s reach of an airport.

Should you require any assistance in getting to and from the airport/training centre, please let us know – the nature of our business means we have a lot of experience of travel.


London has Heathrow and London City as the nearest airports, and then Gatwick, Luton and Stansted slightly further afield.


Cambridge is only 30 minutes from Stansted airport and roughly 2 hours from Heathrow, Gatwith and Luton. Our training venue is right next to the train station.

For train times and fares, please check: National Rail.

For buses times and fares, please check: National Express.

For distances, please visit: AA