Turn your real estate team into true property finance and investment experts with our bespoke training courses. We help you pinpoint capability building opportunities and deploy your human resources to achieve and sustain outstanding results.

Why Building Capability in your Real Estate Team?

Technology, pandemics, climate change, demographic shifts and global movements of people and capital mean that the way we live, work and play have all changed. Inevitably, the real estate markets have been impacted and real estate teams and their services will need to change and adapt.

We collaborate with our clients to deliver on their capability building programmes so they can change and adapt. Our Cambridge Finance Real Estate Academy team provides customized learning experiences led by our network of experts who combine deep knowledge with real world experiences.

Global Training

We train delegates across the globe, who operate in a wide range of property sub-sectors: office, retail, affordable housing, PRS, logistics and warehouse, mixed-use and alternatives such as healthcare and data centres. Our delegates are investors or their advisors in various asset classes including private equity, public companies, non-investment grade credit, core, value-add and opportunistic investments, worldwide.

Building a Community

We seek to drive shared learning and experiences in real estate investment and real estate finance through community building. Our Mastermind Club is not only a source of learning consolidation but also a way to network and meet new people.

How We Help

Unique training and development options tailored to your needs, delivered by experts.

Real Estate Financial Modelling

We are a global leader in real estate financial modelling training solutions. We provide a comprehensive real estate financial modelling training offer across a range of geographies, sub-sectors, funding sources and structures.

All our public real estate financial modelling courses are available in an in-house format and they can also be tailored to your company’s specific real estate capability building requirements.

Your teams will learn from our experts on topics such as:

Real Estate Strategy

Our Real Estate Strategy courses will demystify how the real estate markets work, jargon and processes used and we will reinforce our content with role-relevant case studies, repeating and building on key concepts that will ensure that your team can think and act strategically.

We design our courses with practitioners in mind and bring to life many scenarios and challenges that real estate and financial professionals around the world are faced with, day in, day out.

A sample of what we can deliver include:

RICS APC Courses

We work in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to deliver the the highest standards in real estate finance education, so that not only APC candidates are sufficiently knowledgeable to obtain their charter but, more importantly, capable of dealing with the challenges of the profession.

Our focus is on the Commercial Property Pathway and Property Finance and Investment Pathway and we are able to deliver the training programmes as full-day sessions or split over several shorter sessions of two or three hours each.

We can help your team master the following competencies:

  • Development Appraisals
  • Indirect Investment Vehicles
  • Investment Management (including fund and portfolio management)
  • Property finance and funding
  • Valuation
  • Financial Modelling

What to Expect

Practical Approach

Our expert trainers have been real estate practitioners and are highly qualified and experienced professionals. We understand the real estate markets from a practical viewpoint as we have been investors, developers, asset managers, valuers, investment analysts and team managers ourselves. We all have had the practical experience that will create an inspiring learning journey for your team.

Interactive experience

We don’t lecture, we provide a learning experience. Our training sessions are run in small groups, giving your team members the attention they require so they can take their skills to the next level.

Our training sessions are dynamic, intensive and relevant to the experience and expectations of each member of your team. Our training experts use a variety of delivery methods and creative approaches, including real life case studies, simulations and gaming in small group sessions. Our programs are engaging, fun and inspiring.

Consolidation Sessions 

We offer a two-month post course support so you can ask us questions related to the course material. Our Post-Course Support runs as interactive sessions with all our past delegates and it is a platform to share experience and build a network of like-minded real estate professionals.

Joining a Community 

By joining Cambridge Finance, your team can access a wider community of real estate finance professionals,  from analysts to fund managers and principals. We offer a continuous source of knowledge and inspiration to many real estate professionals.

Our Team of Expert Trainers

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Bespoke Financial Models for Real Estate Deals

Structure your real estate deals based on bespoke financial models in Microsoft Excel. Our team has an enormous amount of cross-sector experience and we have been at the forefront of many investment decisions.

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