Eugene Kyim, CEO Appollo Global :

“I attended a course given by Cambridge Real estate finance in March 2020. The course was very well structured, had just the right level of challenging course material, and it was well tailored to my needs and to the needs of the other participants. Unlike other real estate finance and modelling courses which I’ve taken, the course was based on the very latest Excel modelling functions, which led to the creation of streamlined and easy to explain models. I had the good fortune to attend this course just before the COVID-19 situation erupted in London. Recently I had to do a number of valuations of different types of property, retail, residential development, as well as an industrial park. I was able to apply the concepts, modelling experience and rational thinking which I had learned in the course to the practical application of this real-life modelling and valuation work, validating the quality and authenticity of the Cambridge RE Finance work.”

Real Estate Financial Modelling Course

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