I just wanted to say a big thank you for guiding me through the Cash Flow Modelling Course. You were absolutely fantastic and pitched the pace and delivery perfectly. You also linked everything very well with the practical side of operating in the property market to give the models more meaning. 
I am going to need to keep practicing my formulas, but already feel I have a much better understanding of how to create a model and how to give the inputs and outputs meaning. 

Edward Tuckett, Associate Director, London and Cambridge Properties

The course is excellent. Climate change can be an overwhelming subject and the course helped me structure my thinking to approach the issues, and bring those insights into my professional work. The partnership between Cambridge Real Estate and Climate Risk Services provided a wide perspective and facilitated great class discussion.

Faraz Said – Infrastructure & Finance Specialist at Marafic, Oman

I attended the 5-day RICS Certificate in Real Estate Financial Modelling course in January 2020 for two reasons:

  1. to provide me with the practical skills to excel within my current job role and;
  2. to provide me with the experience and knowledge required for my APC course

This course has certainly ticked both boxes!

Shyam Nottra – Investment Analyst, Custodian Capital Limited (part of the Mattioli Woods plc group)

Many thanks for your dedication. The course is excellent but your commitment to it makes the difference! Thank you for that!

Certificate in Real Estate Financial Modelling – November 2020

Alberto Bravo, Managing Director, Property Management & Leasing, EEMEA at Sonae Sierra, Madrid

Thanks for making this course – it was one of the most useful courses I’ve attended in recent years and I feel more confident with my financial modelling now.

Certificate in Real Estate Financial Modelling – November 2020

Firas Alayyoubi – Vice-President at Gatehouse Capital, Kuwait

It has given me confidence in understanding the steps taken by my investment team. I won’t be afraid of their models anymore.

Certificate Course in Real Estate Financial Modelling – November 2020

Philip Ross – Asset Manager at Aprirose Real Estate Investment, London

I attended a course given by Cambridge Real estate finance in March 2020. The course was very well structured, had just the right level of challenging course material, and it was well tailored to my needs and to the needs of the other participants. Unlike other real estate finance and modelling courses which I’ve taken, the course was based on the very latest Excel modelling functions, which led to the creation of streamlined and easy to explain models. I had the good fortune to attend this course just before the COVID-19 situation erupted in London. Recently I had to do a number of valuations of different types of property, retail, residential development, as well as an industrial park. I was able to apply the concepts, modelling experience and rational thinking which I had learned in the course to the practical application of this real-life modelling and valuation work, validating the quality and authenticity of the Cambridge RE Finance work.

Eugene Kyim – former CEO Apollo Global Management-owned real estate asset manager

I would recommend the Certificate in Real Estate Financial Modelling to anybody with limited modelling experience looking to make rapid improvements in a short time frame. Especially for professionals at analyst level who are looking to improve their real estate financial literacy, this course is a must. With no modelling exposure in my day-to-day role and having previously tried out various online modelling courses, the value in this course, for me, was moving from limited to comprehensive knowledge in one weeks worth of classes. The course walks you logically through investment appraisal, capital structure and debt, and development financing and the opportunity to ask questions saves a lot of time and helps develop a deep understanding. 

Oliver Sexton – Analyst at Investment Manager

I have attended the programme in Real Estate Financial Modelling for 5 days and I was highly impressed about how knowledgeable Maria is about Finance, Excel and all Real Estate principles. It has been an intensive and fruitful learning experience that has provided me with the necessary tools to create financial models. Would highly recommend Maria.

Praxedes Garcia

I attended the RICS Real Estate Finance & Investment course delivered by Maria. Being new to the real estate sector, I was looking for a course that will provide me with the tools, skills and insight I need to get me up to speed with my responsibilities. This course met my objectives and Maria’s delivery method aided it. I enjoyed her method of delivery, using illustrations you can relate to and then relating these to the topics discussed. She made the course very engaging and interactive, which made it one of the best courses I have attended to date. Thank you Maria, Cambridge Finance and RICS for putting this course together and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the world of Real Estate Finance & Investment as it provides you with the tools, skills and insight regardless of your background and experience in the sector.

Andrew Nwashili – Credit Risk Manager at Homes England