What does a financial analyst do?

There are several types of financial analysts, one size does not fit all! The day-to-day tasks of financial analysts may differ greatly, however, the skills these professionals need are often very similar. Here are four examples of financial analysts: Portfolio managers A portfolio manager is responsible for the supervision and the necessary support of a … Continue reading What does a financial analyst do?

5 reasons why professional training benefits real estate professionals

In training, we love a good acronym, so we have come up with one for this article; SPACE. 1. Skills Professional training allows for the acquisition or sharpening of knowledge and skills, increased collaboration, curiosity and professional awareness. Once you feel you have the knowledge and skills sharing them in a professional situation gains you … Continue reading 5 reasons why professional training benefits real estate professionals

Cambridge Finance’s 2020

2020 has been a strange year, for everybody, I cannot think of anybody who has not been affected by the pandemic, but Cambridge Finance adapted and evolved to ensure professional training could continue in a safe and legal manner. We started the year with our traditional face to face courses but moved to virtual classrooms … Continue reading Cambridge Finance’s 2020

What is covenant strength and why does it matter?

By Cleo Folkes As many high street stores find themselves closing their doors permanently, we hear that landlords increasingly worry about covenant strength. What is it exactly that they worry about? In property you often hear the word covenant strength when people talk about a tenant or the quality of an investment property or real … Continue reading What is covenant strength and why does it matter?

Turnover Rent with Rupert Wood

Maria Wiedner interviewed Rupert Wood about turnover rent, this blog contains a summary of their interview. Rupert Wood Rupert Wood has over 25 years experience in the real estate industry, with strategic and operational experience in multiple sectors and in delivering transformative real estate solutions. Currently an executive advisor at FitForCommerce focussing on malls and … Continue reading Turnover Rent with Rupert Wood

Retail Casualties of Covid?

The demise of the high street continues with the collapse of Sir Philip Green's Arcadia, here's a run through of 20, 2020 casualties: RetailerTypeDateAt riskOutcome1Bon MarcheCut price clothing2/12/20225 stores1500 JobsRescue deal on the cards2Arcadia -TopShopDorothy P'sBurtonsMiss Selfridge30/11/2013,000 JobsLooking for buyers3EWMEWNPeacocksJaeger19/11/2076 stores347 jobsDeals in the pipeline4M&CoClothing - formally MackaysAug '20lost 47 stores & 381 jobsBought out … Continue reading Retail Casualties of Covid?

RICS – Health Check

At Cambridge Finance we strive for professionalism both in our company and through our teaching but how healthy is our professional institution which is at the heart of the industry? From RICS viewpoint The RICS annual review ( August '19 to July '20) shows some impressive figures for the institution (2018-2019 figures in brackets where … Continue reading RICS – Health Check

Financial Modelling – What, Why & How?

At Cambridge Finance we train professionals in the construction, development and analysis of financial models. We believe this is a hugely valuable skill in real estate and the financial industries. Why? Please read further. What? Before delving into why we need financial modelling, let us first look at a definition. A financial model is a tool (typically … Continue reading Financial Modelling – What, Why & How?

How has Covid shaped property design?

Coronavirus has had a marked affect on how people want to spend their work and leisure time and has shifted priorities for building design. Gardens, recently seen as a nuisance and best avoided by some, are now sought after for the offer of private open air space and open plan is falling in popularity as … Continue reading How has Covid shaped property design?

The Rise and Fall of the Residential property Market

By Holly Mapletoft BA MAAT What shape is the residential property market in, how did it get there and what can we expect to happen next? When we speak of house prices, it is about an average, and, as with any statistic, this is open to interpretation. The average house price varies wildly across regions, … Continue reading The Rise and Fall of the Residential property Market