Opportunities In Real Estate And The Impact Of Financial Modelling & Diversity

Going into the second day of the Financial Modelling Summit 2021 online event, Maria gave a keynote talk as an opening about a review of the real estate industry, the role of a financial modeller. 

Get to know more about Cambridge Finance and Maria as she talks about her career as a financial modeller, how she came to be the lead sponsor of the summit alongside Microsoft and about why Cambridge Finance. 

As part of her wanting to encourage people to get into financial modelling in real estate, she has invited the audience to look into the opportunities in real estate financial modelling, including showing what a typical day in the office might be like.

Maria also delved into the topic of diversity in real estate—about what the real estate industry currently is, the lack of diversity in the industry, and the mission of REWOMEN to get the industry to be more equal, fair and sustainable.

Our cities don’t really represent who we are…You have financial model address the lack of diversity: what would a city look like if planned by women, what would a shopping centre feel like if designed by a black architect..”

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