How can training help mental health?

Recent forced periods of isolation have brought mental health to the forefront. Always an important issue but we have all had too much time to reflect and enforced isolation has caused much of this thinking to be inwards. I am not a mental health professional, this blog comes from personal experience.

We have been blessed with imagination but given too much leeway, this can become a curse. I have always found that fear in anticipation of an event is worse than the event itself but it is a difficult trap to escape from.

The top tip in the mental health arsenal is definitely to talk about it, seek the help that is out there, you do not need to be alone. I urge anyone having mental health issues to talk to someone, a parent, a sibling, or a health professional. Mental health issues are a lot more common than you might think but many keep it well hidden. Another tip is to write down your fears, your nightmares, somehow it is easier to deal with when it is in a tangible form, and it is easier to track progress.

I have always found that keeping yourself active and engaged is the best way to avoid negative thoughts, as the old saying goes ‘the devil makes work for idle hands’, the same can be said for minds. A new challenge or goal can help you focus ahead and meeting these challenges brings a boost to confidence and pride.

At a basic level, learning helps to alleviate stress caused by a lack of knowledge and gives employees the tools and techniques they need to better manage professional situations and their workload. Learning also helps employees to be mentally positive about their career. Not only will your mind be engaged during the training course but increased confidence and skills to help manage your workload are great tools in the mental health battle.

To answer the title question, training helps mental health by increasing confidence, arming professionals with vital skills, aids career progression and keeps minds active.

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