How can employee training benefit employers? 5 reasons.

A lack of professional training can lead to an obsolete, demoralised and demotivated workforce, a reduction in productivity and competitiveness. The benefits of training for your staff, both new and experienced cannot be overemphasized.

  1. Better employee performance,  increase in employee satisfaction and morale – Professional training in a relevant subject increases not only knowledge but also employee confidence, giving them the ability to perform their duties more efficiently and with more conviction. By investing in training employers give their staff the sense that they are valued and that they are considered worth the expense and effort of training provision. Motivation and confidence quickly converts to an increase in quantity and more importantly, quality of work.

A quotation from a recent testimonial:

Recently I had to do a number of valuations of different types of property, retail, residential development, as well as an industrial park. I was able to apply the concepts, modelling experience and rational thinking which I had learned in the course to the practical application of this real-life modelling and valuation work, validating the quality and authenticity of the Cambridge RE Finance work.

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  1. Addressing weaknesses – Training hones skills and addresses weaknesses. If there is a gap in knowledge, professional training bridges it and results in a more rounded understanding of the profession. Assigning tasks becomes easier for managers as they have a bigger pool of knowledgeable professionals to choose from, no longer do they need to only give financial modelling tasks to the one individual who has the skill to produce this. Groups can work as more cohesive and effective teams as the knowledge is shared.

A recent delegate managed to bridge his knowledge gap:

With no modelling exposure in my day-to-day role and having previously tried out various online modelling courses, the value in this course, for me, was moving from limited to comprehensive knowledge in one weeks worth of classes. The course walks you logically through investment appraisal, capital structure and debt, and development financing and the opportunity to ask questions saves a lot of time and helps develop a deep understanding. 

Cambridge Finance – Testimonials

  1. Innovation and improvements – Training is the best and easiest way to share new ideas and methods. Innovations and up to date techniques keeps your firm at the forefront of the profession. Clients expect the best and most current methods, so by training for innovation, you will be meeting client needs and enhancing the firms reputation. Team members with up to date training will also feel more able and willing to provide such innovations to the team, spreading the benefits.

It is a friendly way to review and enhance the best practices in financial modelling by getting simple tips to work faster and also avoid errors and present your models in a persuasive way.

Cambridge Finance – Testimonials

  1. Ensure consistency and increase standards – By utilising a robust training program delivered by the same training team ensures consistent experience and knowledge. If all staff have attend the same training courses, their knowledge will be coherent enabling easier co-working and harmony in the reports produced. For example, if all employees were trained to use the same methodology in building formulae in spreadsheets and used a standard formatting, the spreadsheets will be more easily transferable between team members without the need for lengthy explanations and reworking. With standardisation of methods, use of technology to increase accuracy, efficiency and design of reports, the whole standard of the end product is lifted.

Being able to work our equivalent yields quickly and efficiently “has changed my life”

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  1. Employee retention and networking opportunity – With the increase in motivation, feeling a valued member of the team and better morale, staff are more likely to stay with an employer, leading to reduced recruitment costs (and retraining!).Delegates are able to meet other professionals and make contacts which could prove a valuable resource. Word is spread about a firm which values its staff and offers training.

I would strongly recommend Cambridge Finance if you are looking to develop your technical ability beyond the traditional software packages used in the Surveying industry. Investing in yourself pays the biggest dividends.

Cambridge Finance – Testimonials

How can Cambridge Finance help your employees?

With decades of expertise, Cambridge Finance has designed training courses that deliver measurable and visible results. We pride ourselves on a focussed and bespoke approach to shape our delegates requirements. 

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