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This course is designed to be studied at a pace and time to suit the delegate. It can be taken in parts or as a whole and can be revisited. 
It covers the basics of real estate life cycles, including demand, supply, and the property market. It looks at the interelationship between three cycles and how these affect the overall property life cycle.


Duration: approximately 3 hours
Location: Anywhere with an internet connection
CPD Hours: 3 hours
Level: Beginner


  • Discounted Price £79.20 plus VAT (normally £99 plus VAT)

Who is it for?

  • Graduates, professionals, or students wishing to get a basic understanding of, or reinforce their real estate life cycles knowledge.
  • Board members, accountants, auditors, analysts, and other financial or property professionals who need an overview of the property market to aid decision-making.
  • Those looking to gain APC knowledge or CPD on real estate markets.

Course Summary

This programme is designed to be studied at a pace and time to suit the delegate. It can be taken in parts or as a whole and can be revisited. The course lays a foundation for a career in real estate, giving a good understanding of the fundamental concepts involved.


  1. Introduction
  2. Basic economics of the real estate life cycle
  3. Sources of demand
  4. Creating supply
  5. Relationships, transactions & contracts
  6. Property – the imperfect market
  7. 3 connected cycles
  8. Property’s inelastic supply
  9. A walk through a mistimed cycle
  10. Buildings in use
  11. The commercial investment market

Course 1 – Introduction to real estate life cycles

Developed by Morag Beers

Here is the introduction so you can see the course content:about:blanke-Learning/wp-content/uploads/articulate_uploads/Introduction-to-Real-Estate-Life-Cycles-Introduction-2/story.htmlREMOVECHOOSE ANOTHER

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