Practical Real Estate Finance Training to Your Staff

Financial modelling is a critical organisational capability. If you want to implement best practice modelling standards throughout your organisation, in-company training gets you the best results.

We help our clients build up real estate financial modelling knowledge across their investment, transaction, strategic planning and operational analysis teams. Because we specialise in real estate financial modelling, our dedicated expertise and industry focus will give your company the knowledge edge.

We will work together with your HR Team, management and course participants to deliver a course curriculum addressing the specific modelling challenges of your team, division or entire business. We are determined to reduce financial model risk in the real estate industry.

In-Company Training 

We also offer our already established, industry-proven real estate financial modelling courses at your premises. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to train your staff and obtain quick results.

In-Company training sessions have the benefit of addressing particular corporate issues even when the course content is the same as our scheduled courses. As we are experts in real estate financial modelling, our experience backs up our delivery: we will make it relevant to your company.

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