Where do I find more detailed information about Cambridge Finance courses?

All our real estate financial modelling courses and property knowledge courses have their own dedicated pages showing dates, class sizes and content. We can also send you the training manual table of contents if you email us at info@cambridgerefinance.com.

Where do I find all the course dates for the year ahead?

New dates are added on a demand basis, so if you do not see a course scheduled for a specific month / date, please contact us at info@cambridgerefinance.com so we can open a course date for you.

Do you provide any manuals / models / case studies to take home?

Yes, all our courses come with step-by-step training manuals, along with financial models and case studies that you are free to take home and use as reference going forward.

Will I need to bring my own laptop for an in-person course?

Yes, due to concerns raised during Covid, the sharing of laptops is now discouraged, to ensure the health of all our delegates ands trainers, we ask that you bring your own laptop to the course.

Where do I find more details about Cambridge Finance itself?

You can find more information online at About Us, Our USP, and our social media at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Where do I find the detailed profile, credentials, etc of the expert trainer?

All our expert trainers are listed here. On the pre-course email, which is sent a week before the course start, you will be informed of which expert trainer will be delivering your course.

Is it possible to receive an invoice directed to my company so I can get registered?

Yes, we can direct the invoice to your company. Once we receive your completed Booking Form, we will ask you for further details on whom to invoice.

How can I settle my invoice?

We accept payment by bank transfer, BACS, CHAPS, cheque and all major debit and credit cards. Payment instructions can be found in the email containing your invoice.

What is the complete process to get registered?

Just complete the Booking Form and send us the payment. Payment is required 10 working days before the course starts (or as soon as possible if booked closer to the course start date).

What are the full fees for the courses? Are there any hidden/extra charges?

All fees can be found on the course pages and also on our calendar page. Where the course is run jointly with an affiliated company, VAT may be chargeable and this will be shown next to the course price. Currently, the UK VAT rate is 20%.

Does Cambridge Finance offer this programme to international participants or is it to London-based delegates only?

Anyone over 16 years old can attend a Cambridge Finance training course. In the past, delegates have come from West and East Africa, Middle East and Continental Europe and all found the course very useful.

I will need a visa. Could you provide guidance as to which visa I will need and whether you provide any support for obtaining a visa?

Whereas we cannot provide any guidance on immigration matters, we can issue a letter of invitation in order for you to apply for a visa to enter the UK. If you need one, please contact us at info@cambridgerefinance.com. We can supply this as a PDF for your consulate. Payment for the training course must be received in advance according to UK guidelines.

Do you have any deals with hotels?

I am afraid we do not.

Does Cambridge Finance offer any discounts / deals?

If you attend more than one course, we offer a 20% discount in any other courses. We also run seasonal campaigns which are advertised on our social media channels and emails to our subscribers. If you would like to subscribe to our emails please send us an email at info@cambridgerefinance.com

Where do I find the testimonials for the training courses?

You can find this on our Testimonial page and where possible, we will add these to the dedicated course pages.

Is the course accredited by any institution?

As an independent training provider for the real estate industry, we are not accredited by any academic institution. We are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the courses that are provided via the RICS will have their accreditation.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

According to our Terms & Conditions, cancellations within 14 days of the start date will be charged at full, 15-28 days of the start date will be charged at 50% of the course fee, more than 28 days at 20%. If the participant fails to attend the course the full course fees are payable.

What is the cancellation policy if I am unable to secure a visa?

If your visa has been delayed, you can attend the next available courses without incurring further fees. If you have been denied a visa, the cancellation and refund policy above will apply.

Where do the public training courses usually take place?

Our Real Estate Financial Modelling courses run at the City Business Library, Guildhall, London EC2V 7HH. The library has a dedicated IT training room and is conveniently located near St Paul’s, Moorgate and Liverpool Street tube stations.

Our Property Knowledge courses run at different 4-5 star hotels in Central London. Details of the venue are sent on your pre-course instruction email.

Are there any pre-requisites to attend Cambridge Finance courses?

Pre-requisites are shown on each of course page, but generally speaking for the Real Estate Financial Modelling courses, you will need basic Excel knowledge and for the Property Knowledge courses, there is no pre-requisite.

What is the normal class size?

Our Real Estate Financial Modelling courses will have no more than 8 participants, making our courses dynamic, intensive and relevant. Property Knowledge courses which encompass a more narrative approach will have no more than 14 participants to allow for discussions and interaction.

Do the delegates get any certification at the end of the course?

After each course, delegates will receive a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate issued by Cambridge Finance. This certificate will show the CPD hours that can be claimed as formal CPD sessions.

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