Cambridge Finance Cambridge Finance® Certificate in Real Estate Financial Modelling An intensive programme that will teach you how to create robust financial models from scratch, from traditional valuation methods to fully bespoke cash flows. Models_for_Deals Bespoke Financial Models for Real Estate Deals Structure your real estate deals based on bespoke financial models in Microsoft Excel. Our team has an enormous amount of cross-sector experience and we have been at the forefront of many investment decisions. Testimonials Testimonials Things are as they are. Looking at our testimonials, you will certainly get a feel for our ethos of excellence and deep understanding of our customers' needs. Our Experts Our Experts Cambridge Finance on a huge network of expert trainers, academics and practitioners: those among the most knowledgeable and renowned specialists in their respective fields. Climate Risk and Property Valuation Learn how climate change should be factoring into decision-making, at the strategic level, for active risk management, and as part of valuation and investment decisions

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Following our ethos of excellence, we create bespoke financial models in Microsoft Excel that help our clients analyse and make decisions on their property deals in a simple and elegant way. 

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